In order to install WordPress Checkout in you blog. You should follow the following steps:

  • In your admin panel under Plugins section click on add new and add WordPress Checkout on the search box and click on Search Plugins by Keyword.
  • When you receive the list of plugin click on Install Now and the plugin should be installed automatically.

If the automatic installation fail you need to install it manually:

  • Download the plugin zip file from the WordPress repository.
  • Unzip the file and prepare the wordpress-checkout folder to be uploaded to your host.
  • Using your ftp client upload the folder under \wp-content\plugins in your wordpress installation.


After successful installation you need to go back to the plugin section and activate the plugin. Once activated you are able to see the WP Checkout button on your editor page and the setting pages on the left menu.

WP Checkout Button

On the How To Use section you can review the easy steps to set up your store to start selling.