How To Use

WordPress Checkout plugin needs only few settings to be used:

After activating the plugin follow these steps to start selling your products:

  1. Create a checkout page.
    To define your Checkout page you can create a new page and add a shortcode into the content using the WP Checkout Button or visit the plugin settings page and select one of the existing pages (this will include a shortcode into that page.
  2. Complete the required options.
    Visit the plugin settings page and define the required options:
    Use PayPal Sandbox or post directly to production (it’s recommended to test your payment flow first before start selling)
    PayPal email.
    Confirmation message or page.
    Confirmation email subject and body.
  3. Add the label to your products.
    Use WP Checkout button to add a price label to your content. This allow you to customize your products as a page or post with descriptions, images, etc. And then include the price and call to action any where on your content.
  4. Add WP Checkout Shopping Cart widget
    Add the shopping cart widget to any of your widget areas to allows direct access to the shopping cart from any page of your blog.
  5. Setup you Paypal account.
    The plugin includes by default integration with PayPal Payments Standard. In the PayPal easy integration guide you can get all the details needed to configure your paypal account.
  6. Test the entire payment flow using Sandbox on plugin settings.
    Visit a product page, add it to you shopping cart, and complete the payment using PayPal Sandbox.
    Verify your email for confirmation and your order status as “Completed” on the Plugin Orders page.
  7. Enable Real Payments.
    Select “Production” on the Paypal Process Url in the plugin settings. To allows orders to be really processed through PayPal.
    It’s recommended that you create a test product for a small price (like $ 0.02) and test yourself the buyer experience.


Please, visit the support section for question and comments.