PayPal Easy Integration Guide 4

WordPress Checkout plugin includes by default the integration with PayPal Payments Standard. It is free and allows a secure payment flow for the buyers with some interesting features for the sellers. In the following steps I recommend how to set up your account to be ready for future sales:


  1. Create an account
    Go to and create an account.
  2. Upgrade to Business (for free)
    Upgrade your account to Business that way you have access to merchandise tools and you are able to customize your store payment page with your company name, logo as well as enable Instant Payment Notifications, Auto return, Sales tax, etc.
  3. Enable Instant Payment Notifications
    This allows to close the payment flow when the transaction is completed and ensure it was real. In order to enable IPN in your account: Click on Profile/ My selling tools and Update on Instant payment notifications under Getting paid and managing my risk. After that click on Choose IPN Settings. On the next page select Receive IPN messages (Enabled) and add any URL but don’t worry because the plugin will overwrite it.Enable PayPal IPN
  4. Enable Auto return
    Auto return allows redirect your user back tou your website when they complete the payment. To enable it click on Merchant Services / Customize my buyers’ experience. On the next page enable auto return and add any Return URL, but the plugin will overwrite it too.IPN Autoreturn
  5. Create Sandbox test accounts
    It’s recommended to make some test transaction before start selling to verify that all the pieces of your payment process are working as expected. For that you will need a Seller and Buyer account.
    Visit PayPal Developer Applications to create them.
  6. Connecting PayPal to your blog
    After completing these steps your paypal account is ready to process the payments.
    In order to complete the integration after installing WordPress Checkout plugin add your paypal email address on the settings and select Sandbox for testing or Production to allow real payments.

For more detail or questions visit the following sections: Installation, How to Use or Support.

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